Trauma is simply those life events which change the way you view yourself and the world around you. Traumatic events effect us each differently, and often leave us feeling vigilant, afraid, and distrustful.

If you find yourself suffering from PTSD, or just can’t get over something in your past, let us help you find freedom from the traumatic effects. Often, traumatic experiences like the unexpected loss of a loved one, divorce, car accidents, natural disasters, abuse, neglect, bullying, or sudden life changes cause us to get angry, numb out, push away our friends, or just run away. It can also have major impacts on our sleep, diet, and relationships. However, there is a way through the pain. 

Our therapist is trained by the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals, as well as through the EMDR International Association to help assist you in overcoming the lingering effects of traumatic experiences. However you have been impacted, we can help guide you towards relief and wholeness.

Make an appointment today and begin walking towards getting your self back. You are worth it.