"All he ever wants is sex. He doesn't even SEE me, he just wants to use me!"

"I'm terrified of being that vulnerable with someone else. I want intimacy, but I have no idea how to have it."

"I can't not look at porn. No matter what I do, everything and everyone is turned into sex."

In the midst of an ever-changing sexual culture, it’s easy to get lost, confused or bound up along the way.

Many are confused about their sexuality, or just desire a sense of freedom from shame in their sexuality, while many just long to see others without sexually objectifying them. Today, many men find themselves impotent because of fear, stress or an abuse of pornography. Many couples report that their sex life has diminished into near non-existence, or that sex is their only way of connecting. The bottom line is that many of us suffer from an 'intimacy disorder', which makes sex the only way we know how to connect with others, or that we live in fear and shame of our own sexuality.

Branden is a trained CSAT, as well as experienced in helping people recover from sexual shame, as well as heal towards sexual wholeness. While he is also a licensed and ordained Christian minister, he will provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore your understanding of yourself and healthy sexuality, without using illegal and unethical practices like reparative therapy. His belief is that sexuality was created to display the glory of God, and that sex was created as a means of greater intimacy, as well as an act of worship by experiencing the union of Christ and his bride, the Church. 

Whatever your stance, whatever your issue- be it confusion, shame, or addiction- Red River Counseling can help assist you in finding the relief and wholeness you long for. 

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