In the midst of the torrent of hormones, changing friendships, and the big questions of adolescence, many teens find themselves at a loss. Afraid to talk with parents, but still in desperate need of guidance, many teens turn to their peers and culture for answers. 

Unfortunately, this leaves many teens wanting, and not knowing where to turn.

Whether your teen's grades are failing or they're still on the honor roll, counseling can help them sort through the confusion, depression and anxiety that typically come with in the teen years. 

If you've seen sudden and drastic changes in your teenager’s mood, grades, friendships or behavior, ask them if they'd like to talk it out with a counselor. We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for them to sort through the stuff in their life, helping them get their feet on solid ground so they can better enjoy the turbulent time of adolescence. 

Branden has spent the last couple of decades working with teens on their turf, and knows how to help them feel safe enough to share what's really going on.

Sign up for an appointment today, or contact us for advice on how to get your teen to counseling.

Getting help for your teenager is one great way to show them your love for them and dedication to them.