YoungLife Personal or Marriage Intensive

As someone in full time ministry, there were a multitude of fears associated with counseling. Branden quickly disarmed those fears and can understand, while speaking truth into, the life of a minister. He continues to encourage me towards health- not for the sake of my ministry but for me. I highly recommend him to anyone in ministry who is hesitant to go counseling.
— YL Area Director (15+ years)

As a former YoungLife Area Director, I have a deep love of YL and its people. Most of my personal and professional growth started in YL, and I long to serve the ministers of the mission by providing emotional and relational help. Unfortunately, I’ve watched many staff and volunteers come and go- and sometimes do great harm- because of a lack of awareness of their own woundedness and unmet needs, with myself nearly being one of them. I hope to offer you help before you get hurt, or before you cause harm to others or to the mission.

Understanding the rigors and time requirements of your job, I’ve sought to come up with a way to offer you in-depth counseling that fits within your schedule and finances.

In brief, I am offering you a 3-day personalized therapeutic intensive that is tailored to your needs. Utilizing YoungLife’s Marriage/Family of Origin counseling benefits, you won’t pay for anything outside of your meals, and I will do all the leg work of working with the Service Center.

Through this intensive you will have an opportunity to develop a greater awareness of yourself, as well as begin or continue your journey towards healing. If you choose to participate in a marriage intensive, you will be able to boost the intimacy in your marriage, or do a great deal of work around your hang-ups and hurts. My goal is to help you start walking a path towards healing and wholeness, whether by yourself or with your spouse.

In addition to multiple counseling sessions throughout the morning, afternoon and evening, you will be given resources and tools to work on at your own pace before, during, and after we meet.  Following your intensive, we will set up 3 after care calls to help encourage you to keep on the path of growth and healing.

Additionally, you’ll have time to explore downtown Heber Springs, Arkansas (great food, coffee, bakeries, and shops), or get outside and hike Sugarloaf Mountain, Bridal Veil Falls or dozens of other trails, kayak or canoe the lake or river, trout fish for Rainbows, Browns, or Brook Trout on the Little Red River (I can guide if you need), or spend some time on Greers Ferry Lake – all of which are within a 10-15 minute drive.

You will be staying in my furnished office, a 102-year-old cottage in downtown Heber Springs, Arkansas. Depending on when you schedule your intensive, it is possible for you to stay an additional day for rest and play at no extra cost.

If you’re skeptical (and I know you are because you’re on YL staff ;), and would like to ask some questions about me and/or this intensive, contact Jud Jones (Ozark Bayou Regional Director), Frank Brown (Mississippi Regional Director), or John Evans (Sr. Director of Advanced Training).

Fill out the form below and we can begin working out the details for your intensive. Don’t put off your own care and growth at the altar of ministry, or else you eventually won’t have much to offer and your ministry will falter and fail.

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