Branden has been writing for magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites for years. With topics ranging from abuse to addiction, marriage to parenting, and emotional and spiritual health, he can most likely write on the subject you need, and if he can't, he'll let you know.

Additionally, he has two books in the works. 

Parenting Through Failure: A guide to raising kids after addiction and infidelity

Marriage Won't Fix It: A bible-informed guide to greater intimacy through Whole and Holy Living.

The following are some links to various articles, blogs and essays he's written. Contact us if you have a writing idea or need that you think we could help with. 

The Shepherd's Staff Blog - The blog of my former practice in Flowood, MS. Be sure to check out my former colleague's work as well. 

The Witness - A site dedicated to the black Christian experience. My friend, and the President of The Witness, Jemar Tisby graciously accepted some of my thoughts and writings.

Parents & Kids Magazine - A great magazine dedicated to the parents and kids of Mississippi. 

The Sun Times, Heber Springs - A local paper serving the area in and around Heber Springs, AR. I have been writing bi-weekly articles for them since 2017.

Little Rock Family Magazine - A great local magazine dedicated to families in central Arkansas. 

Red River Counseling Blog - Our blog, focusing on the intersection of intimacy and spirituality in all areas of life. 

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