At Red River Counseling, we can assist you, your family and your marriage/relationships through individual, couples and family counseling. We can work with kids, teens and adults through a variety of counseling techniques, tailored to meet your needs.

Here are just a few of the issues we can assist you in healing and overcoming.

Male Issues: spiritual and emotional hurts and hang-ups, past abuse and traumatic experiences, grief, sexuality, pornography use and abuse, addictions.

Children, Adolescent and Adult: Past abuse, crisis intervention, PTSD/trauma, addictions, relationship issues, communication skills, leadership, ADHD, career issues, grief, feeling stuck, depression & anxiety. 

Marital/relationship: communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, sexuality, infidelity and divorce issues, and pre-marital counseling. 

Family: parenting, transition and life stage changes, grief, and pre-& post-divorce change.


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