5 New Ways to Say Good Morning

How many times do you feel disconnected from your loved one(s) as you plod through your daily routine? It’s easy to miss each other when we keep doing the same old things. Here are five prompts to help you connect with your loved one(s) as you start your day.

Post-It Notes

A core human need is to hear affirming words from those we trust. Try writing out a line or two about what you love, admire or enjoy about your loved one. Then put it up where they’ll run by it at some point in their day – think inside the box of their favorite cereal, on their bathroom mirror, beside the stove, next to the remote, in their clothes drawer. Surprise them with your words.

Fun Food

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but also a great opportunity to start the day off with some fun. Try cooking something new, even if you aren’t great at it. If you have kids, wake one of them up to cook with you. Take your time and enjoy the process rather than rushing through it. If you have a hard time coming up with fun breakfast meals, check out this site for some new ideas.

Morning Walk

Take a walk around the block with one of your loved ones. Take your time and pay attention to what you notice. Talk about the trees, colors, sounds, animals, or new sights that you notice on your walk. More than that, listen to what your loved one has to say. You may want to ask about their sleep, their dreams or their upcoming day. Being active while connecting at an emotional level is a great way to leave a lasting sense of attunement through the rest of your day.

Share Goals

While eating breakfast together or drinking a cup, let your loved one know your goals for the day. Get specific if you can and move beyond tasks to be completed. Maybe you want to be kind to someone, or patient with them. Possibly you want to make better decisions about what you eat for lunch, or how you spend your time on a break. Whatever goal you have for the day, let them know about it, and then check back with each other at the end of the day.


Another need we never grow out of is safe touch, and not only of being touched but giving touch. When you touch or are touched by someone, your body reacts with a flood of emotions and neurotransmitters firing off. To put it briefly, when you touch or receive touch your body calms, feels connected, promotes trust and compassion, and moves towards cooperation with others. Seriously. A stroke on the arm, a hug and embrace, kiss on the forehead or pat on the back has enormous effects on your mood and health. So, share touch with your family. You, and they, will be better for it.